About the film

A concept drawing of the Bosnian dragon flying over the village.
The title of the film is "Aždaja" or "The Dragon" (after I was forced to drop out "An Unexpexted Journey" from the name). It tells an epic tale of the Bosnian dragon all the way from ancient Illyric times to the fall of the Bosnian Kingdom. It is loosely based on the myths, legends and motives from the small mountain villages. People from these places used to carve various symbols on the sides of the massive mysterious tombstones called "stećci" - pronounce it "stetstscy" or whatever you like, but they're awesome. And did I mention mysterious? It's still quite uncertain what they represent and who exactly made them.

So, I say: "Why not make an epic short movie referencing these tombstones? And dragons. Yes." I say, let's make an animated film also featuring quite some live action and tightly intertwine these two. And then, I find this amazing location in the village Umoljani near Sarajevo:

A photo of the real filming location.
The production company "Prime Time" and The Foundation of Cinematography of Bosnia and Herzegovina loved the idea and so we had a liftoff. The film will be about 10 minutes long with at least 5 minutes of 100% animated sequences. It is now in post-production as we finished the filming of live action scenes.


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