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To see what this is all about, please take a few minutes and have a look at my previous films. "Tolerantia" was the first, made back in 2008, followed by "Wondermilk" (2010) and finally by "Kiyamet" (2011).


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  2. Hello Ivan, I watched Tolerantia and Kiyamet (the full version, which I guess you could put here now) and it feels like I've found a kindred spirit. The theme of people fighting over meaningless stuff, and the theme of the power of mind are something I give a lot of thought to. I think teaching people to stop the first and embrace the second one is the key to advancing as a civilization. I also do 3D, but I started being serious about it only recently and I'm working on stills for now. I don't have anything to show just yet, so I guess I'm just writing to give you thumbs up and check if you read those comments and give a damn :) Greetings from Poland.

    1. Hey man! Well, it seems I give a damn... after a couple of months :)
      Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the films and have connected the themes of the two. "Aždaja" (the Dragon) is finally... aaalmost finished. Hopefully I'll screen it in Poland too :)
      Cheers and keep up pushing the pixels around!


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