Dec 5, 2012

A smokey village

Yes, the final film will look like this. Trust me.
Another concept painting. The idea has evolved and I think I'm settling with the final look here. My recent trip around the great Bosnian Kingdom brought me to the old fortress of Ključ which inspired these changes to the village in the film.

The fortress is so epic that I immediately wished I had done some shooting there. It sits on a row of very narrow, steep and high rocky formations. I hope those guys from HBO don't find it and decide to contaminate the scene with some of their own dragons. So, this is a message to them:

See? Just a bunch of rocks!
Dear "Game of Thrones" producers,
the Ključ fortress is just a few shitty crumbling rocks in some god forsaken place. As the picture shows, I've planked it for you and just want to save you the money and effort of coming there. So, move along, Dubrovnik or whatever next city is waiting for you! Sincirely,
Ivan Ramadan (who doesn't need your shitty capitalist money to make dragons)


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