Apr 18, 2013

Trailer is online!

The first trailer for this epic Bosnian movie is available on Youtube. Feast your eyes on this animated/live-action wizardry.

The small nebula did turn out to be a full sized galaxy composed of about 20 million particles, taking 350mb of cache per frame! That is a lot of disk space, but luckily my good friend, the computer, managed to crunch all the numbers.

The village appeared out of smoke as planned, but I still see some houses hesitating to materialize. I'll have a conversation with them for the final film.

The dragon specifically asked me only to show tip of his head for now, so I had to follow his wish. You know the dragons, they can be quite thick headed.


  1. Pogledao sam trailer, jednostavno je fenomenalan, nisam odavno pogledao bolji. Posebno me raduje što je za temu filma uzeta bosanska mitologija koja je jako malo obrađena, istražena i ekranizovana. Vjerujem da će fim biti pun pogodak. Puna podrška Ivanu u njegovom daljem radu, sve najbilje.

  2. The trailer is very successful. It tempts you to see the entire movie at once! Very mesmerizing.

  3. Hi,
    where and when we can expect full movie to see?

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  5. hi 2 Bosnia from Ukraine, from Russian guy )
    people in hunger for epic media content with a idea & some kind of real sence .

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