Jun 20, 2016

Aždaja - The First Special Screening

Official movie poster
Quite some time has passed since Aždaja was first announced, so I am very pleased that it is finally finished and ready to devour the film festivals around the globe.

On 18th of June 2016, the first special screening for the crew and friends took place in Meeting Point Cinema, Sarajevo. Actually we had to make two screenings as the cinema was too small. I would like to thank every single one of 450 people who came to the screening for their love and support! Especially you, my hoodoo. It was among those most special and pleasant moments of my life.

Ever since I started doing animation I wanted to make something like this, and with this level of quality. I wanted to combine animation and live action in an epic short film. This film was a dream come true.

I will take this opportunity to share with you the first in the series of making-of Aždaja videos:


  1. E film je odličan animacija/CGI vrhunski nivo kao i sve ostalo. Čestitam i sretno na festivalima. Naposljetku možemo očekivati film na tvom YT kanalu ili negdje drugo?

    1. Biće svakako na youtube kanalu, ali dok prođu svi festivali. To je najmanje godinu dana :) Do tada, biće making of videa i naravno projekcije u kinima.


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