Nov 2, 2012

The Dark Dragon

A concept of a black dragon
Quite a few days have passed with this image creeping in my head, but for some reason it didn't come out until now. Well, maybe a bit of laziness is to blame.

I'd say this is a natural progress of the earlier concept sketches for this half of the dragon. I want to go more with the smokey not well defined shape which is constantly changing. These spikes will continuously grow and break apart. I am thinking of using coal as the reference. It will be quite tricky to get right, but hopefully some early animation tests are coming soon.

It is such an amazing thing to do both the concepts and the final animation yourself - you keep thinking about the technical stuff from the very beginning, so there are no compromises in the end. You know exactly what can be done and how. So, let me hit you with some technical stuff: I will try making a few spikes growing out of the head, break them using 3ds max RayFire plugin, add more little pieces with PFlow and of course complete the effect with some nice FumeFX smoke.

Keep your fingers and tentacles crossed. The Bosnian dragons are coming.

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