Nov 18, 2012

Dragon, the game announcement

In-game screenshot
Every epic film has an epic game happening in the same universe and setting, so I felt obligated to venture to that direction too. The screenshot illustrates the enormous complexity of this side project which will serve as an introduction to the film.

Luckily, my friend Amar Zubčević and I have some game-making experience which has its origins in the early 2000s when we developed a small 3D game which had a running dinosaur as the main character. The dino could move and jump around in a metal room. Ten years later, we decided to take the revolutionary concept to a whole new level so we have a girl, the main character in the film (played by Soraja Ćehić), as the main character of the game. She can run infinitely in 2D world. We scraped the jump ability as it felt so 2000s.

The game is developed in HTML5 and javascript and will be playable in your browser for free.

So, dear world, stay put, as the new Bosnian browser-game prepares to hit the internet and set new gaming standards to our decaying civilization. The first teaser version will be released next weekend, November 25th, to celebrate the National day of Bosnia and Herzegovina!


  1. Ivane svaka čast, jedva čekam film i igru :)

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