Feb 5, 2016

The Inspiration for the Dragon

Two intertwined dragons on
stećak in Brštanica
The dragon in the film is comprised of two opposing yet complementary parts - the light and the dark. They intertwine and balance each other, forming the perfect dragon, a protector of the village.

The concept was directly inspired by the particular symbol found on mysterious stećak tombstones reliefs. The relief shows two serpent-like dragon creatures facing each other while their bodies are entangled. Only four tombstones have this symbol and I was lucky enough to find them all and make some photos, along with a selfie, of course.

You can find the exact locations marked on google map below. I'm sure it will spawn a wave of visitors eager to see the amazing stećci. Just be careful - don't disturb the dragons!

Stećak in Hodovo

Stećak in Glumine

Stećak in Glumine


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