Feb 16, 2016

Two Faces of the Bosnian Dragon

Ancient legends speak of the Great Bosnian mountain dragon that dwells in faraway forgotten lands of the Bosnian empire. Through the ages a few shamans from the remote mountain villages have mastered the craft of summoning this dragon.

The dragon shows up as two parts - the black and the white. Only when two parts intertwine, they form a magnificent creature in perfect balance and harmony.

The Black Dragon

Takes up the form of a great serpent composed of black stone plates with dark smoke pouring from within. He is the darkness, the powerful masculine physical manifestation. Without thoughts or reason, the black dragon, will devour anything in its path as he is the embodiment of destruction and chaos. He is the powerful force of entropy in nature. This dragon brings thunder, earthquakes and raptures the volcanoes. The shamans know he can only be tamed with the help of the white dragon.

The White Dragon

She is the faint and fragile spiritual dragon, the light. She is the brightness of the sunlight, the reason and the force of life. Whenever she appears, she spreads joy, happiness and harmony among all earthly creatures. She knows no size, thus sometimes appears so small she can fit on a daisy flower and twirl between leaves of grass. Other times the white dragon creates the most intriguing cloud shapes as she swings her tail through the skies. The people say she brings the purest of love.


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